Why Use An Open Cell Backer Rod?

Diameter Foam Open Cell Backer Rod is an open cell polyurethane product used as a backer for sealants. It's used in expansion / construction joints, tilt slab construction and caulking. 

When sealing joints a backer rod is used to:

Ensure the correct width to depth ratio is achieved
Provide a firm backing against which the sealant can be tooled off
Prevent the sealant from adhering to the bottom of the joint

Why choose an open cell polyurethane backer rod?

An open cell polyurethane rod has the following advantages:

Faster sealant curing: Open cell construction allows moisture or air access to the front and back of the joint at the same time allowing faster, uniform curing

Use in a wide range of joint widths:
The flexibility and round shape allows quick efficient placement into both even and uneven joints. It can be readily compressed allowing one diameter rod to be used in a wide range of joint widths.

Avoids sealant bubbling: Being open cell with no skin, problems with gas release that cause sealant bubbling are avoided.



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